What’s Why Wednesday? Well, WHY, is a powerful and motivating question. It’s a driving force of knowing that leads you to your goals.

Why? A question that began burning for me when I found out I was going to be an unexpected Single Mom.

Why do I choose to do this as a single soul parent? Because every fiber (also called a gut feeling) of my being was telling me if I didn’t, life would be Really Crappy for my unborn child & myself! Sure enough, 18 plus years later I have found out that my son’s “father” is either dead, in jail, or on welfare. That’s a WHY lesson, I am sooo thankful I listened to each & every day 🏼.

Then 18 months later when my son was diagnosed with Hemophilia. I was so FRACKING ANGRY, MAD 😡, and SAD 😢 at what life was throwing at us. My mental and physical health was starting to hit rock bottom from the way I was coping. A breaking point was a violent evening I WAS NOT PROUD OF! Again, WHY came into question 🤔

The answer was automatic! My son. I am his #1 Role Model & person in his life. I knew he was going to struggle with his health & walking out this lifetime living with Hemophilia. So in the words of my GF Mair Millar, I put my “big girl pants 👖 on” and stepped back into the local gym & began boxing 🥊 competitively! Thank you 🙏 🏼 Scott Eccles for your coaching & guidance at one of the hardest points in my life.

Finding and ESTABLISHING THAT WHY, has led to unlocking 19 years of KICK-ASS BLESSINGS: 45 Boxing Fights, BScN in Nursing, 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves Champ, 2 Professional Fights, A bunch of media Coverage (includes a round table discussion with Conrad Black & Denise Donlan) Training Robin Sharma, Getting a number of Fitness Certifications and OWNING MY OWN ROCK STEADY BOXING AFFILIATION to Help people with Parkinson’s (PD) Fight 🥊Back & have a better quality of life while a cure for Parkinson’s is unraveling. Knowing & being connected to a network of amazing athletes (GO MANDY GO!!!), coaches, entrepreneurs, and helpful people, who only truly want to better this world. Not to mention my SON, was part of a 8-year drug trial out of Sick Kids Hospital that now allows him to live as close to a “normal” fully blood clotting person can be. He can do whatever sport, or activity he wants with his life, with minimal concern. AND NOW HE’s 18!!! Crazy!! They grow so Freaking Fast!!! Sigh 😔.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, MY WHY’s a Little Different.

I no longer put on the boxing gloves to work through my demons and role model for my son the way I used to. It’s now for my mental health, role modeling to my whole (and soon to be growing family), and to help the mental health of my clients I help daily. ESPECIALLY for my clients with Parkinson’s! Watching their transformation over the last 5 + years and how Boxing Fitness gives back so much to their QUALITY OF LIFE, ENERGIZES ME DAILY!

What’s your WHY WEDNESDAY?

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