Located in Newfoundland, Button Adventures is giving away the joy of GOAT. However, this GOAT does not mean Greatest Of All Time. Goat means ….well, goat – the 4-legged kind.

Button Adventures Fitness and Farm is giving away 30 mins of joy, and education, about Nigerian dwarf goats, and exercise, from now until March 1, 2022.

Button Adventures wants to spread the joy of Santa’s gifts given to us this Holiday 2021.  Hence, the JOY of GOAT give away campaign. Our goal is to help parents, kids, tutors, and online educators going through a slump during these on again, off again, lock downs and closures.

Featured in the picture above is Buddy 1, and 2.  They will only be a part of Button Adventures growing goat farm until March 1st.  This is a virtual gift to the community of Canada who is stuck at home.

The Joy of Goat Give Away Campaign is about the following:

  • Lifting people’s spirits who are struggling.
  • Spreading joy and happiness.
  • Educating about Nigerian goat farming.
  • Helping kids to move more while at home.
  • Helping the mental health of parents, and kids.

So.  Parents, teachers, and online educators.  If you’re looking for farm education, excitement, entertainment, and exercise for YOUR Kids.  From now until  I am offering free 30 min goat education and animal movement sessions.  You can book here.  All I ask is that you make a donation towards the beginning building of Button Adventures Fitness and Farm.  You can view the goal and fundraising page here.

If you enjoyed this story and are curious about what will happen next with Button Adventures Fitness and Farm.  AMAZING!! Make sure to subscribe, and share.

Please note.  You don’t just have to be a parent and kid to take part in the Joy of Goat.  Anyone who needs some Joy right now can book a session!


  1. I should like to make a contribution to your enterprise in return for allowing a visit from my wife to see your goats. She kept milk goats forty years ago and always missed them. She now has a form of dementia and movement difficulties and I try to get her out of the house in the car for a drive around and sometimes pass by Broad Cove. She would get out of the car if she could see goats. She cannot walk far even with her frame.


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