There’s a Crisis that’s happening in the Canadian Parkinsons Community. According to Parkinsons Canada, in 2021, 100,000 people in Canada have been diagnosed (that we know of) with Parkinson’s. With this number increasing by 30 people tomorrow and 50 people a day, over the next 10 yrs. Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is one of the fastest growing neurological diseases in Canada, and the world. This crisis is NOT GOING AWAY. It is especially felt in Atlantic Canada. With a lack of resources and access to those resource in Atlantic Canada, and the fact that Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease, that specially targets the areas in the brain that control movement. THESE FACTS ARE EXTREMELY CONCERNING! Concerning for Atlantic Canada’s already taxed, and short staffed Health Care system. Not to mention those who are diagnosed and live with PD daily. With the long wait times to see Neurologists, and other specialized staff, plus a lack of funding, and EDUCATION. This means an INCREASED RISK to caregiver burn out. IT IS AS IF THERE IS NO HOPE.

With the progressive effects of Parkinson’s:
Depression  freezing 🥶 lack of focus, side effects to medications decreased independence, increased fear and shame from the symptoms PD and medications 🥺 lost connection with friends, social isolation, lack of understanding from family and friends who don’t understand what people with PD are going through, decreased ability to think clearly, stiffness of muscles, decreased ability to perform activities of daily living 👩🦯 , slowness of movement, decreased voice, a lack of support groups that easy to access, poor handwriting, increased risk of falls, and IF YOU HAVE BEEN RECENTLY DIAGNOSED, You have no idea where to TURN TO for DAILY SUPPORT AND HELP!

BUT THERE IS HOPE! There are Passionate people out there, who WANT TO HELP YOU FIGHT BACK DAILY.


My name is Lita Mae “Badass” Button, better known as Coach Lita with my weekly Rock Steady Boxing group, and clients I have been leading and help fight back with extreme success the last 7 years.

You can click here and see what one member Mansureh has to say.

If you are not familiar with the Rock Steady Boxing Program. This the Coles notes about the program.

‘Rock Steady Boxing was founded in the United States in 2005 and is a unique program that gives Parkinson’s patients a chance to fight back against their invisible adversary. By emphasizing gross motor movement, balance and core strength, the combination of “sweet science” and sweat gives hope to those combating the disease. There are over 400 Rock Steady affiliates all over the world helping Parkinson’s disease patients have better days, one punch at a time.’

I was the very first Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach in Canada, and helped launch the first affiliation in Canada with the Rock Steady Boxing Toronto East program.

You see I know what it’s like to live with a family member who has an incurable condition, and feel anger, and a lack of hope at what is happening to you, and your family members. At 23, I became a sole support mother to my son Kiya. When my son wasn’t even a year old he was diagnosed with severe Hemophilia B, a rare life long blood disorder, with no cure. At 25, I sought out an outlet to help me effectively deal with the emotional issues of being a single parent and raising a child with a blood disorder. It was then that I began training in Olympic Style Boxing. This was the time that I earned the nick name “Badass” Button, training and winning the first light welterweight Golden Gloves title in Canada. I have been boxing for 19 years, and in that time I have fought in 45 Amateur Fights and have a Professional Boxing record of 1-1.

Throughout those years of competing and raising my son, I have earned a degree of BScN in Nursing and obtained my licence as a Registered Nurse. I gained four years of experience as a Geriatric Nurse in mental health and long term care. In that time frame I have also completed a number of certifications and hands on experience with different personal training clients and groups. Then In June 2017 I was voted women’s best fitness and wellness coach by Fab Female Entrepreneur awards, in the greater Toronto area.

With my long term care and mental health nursing experience, I saw the very end stages of Parkinson’s and knew that there was something more that could be done that didn’t just include medication and a revolving health care system. This is when the Rock Steady Boxing affiliation opportunity came along. It has been such an incredible impactful program.

You can click here to view what Martha, from Martha and the Muffins has to say about being with the program since we began in Toronto.

But you see, with my experience in Long Term Care and working work with couples and families outside of the Rock Steady Boxing program I know how much families want to help their loved ones.

This is why I am LAUNCHING Passion 4 Parkinson’s Training Camps. There is a need for those living with, and their family members to learn how to work together to FIGHT BACK AGAINST PARKINSON’S.

With my years of experience I have put together a program that combines my experience with the Rock Steady Boxing method, clients, geriatric nursing, different exercise modalities, and helping families learn the tips and tricks and techniques to help their loved ones with a quality of life.

Learning and working together as a family on how to live and fight back against Parkinson’s helps you Hope, Connect, Support and Understander one another better.

During the two days and two night Passion 4 Parkinson’s Training Camp you will learn:

  • How to help your loved one improve their mobility and flexibility.
  • How to decrease freezing by a couple of mind tricks.
  • How to improve your mental focus, clarity, and concentration.
  • How to exercise to fight back SPECIFICALLY against PARKINSON’S, using methods starting at the level of PD that you have been diagnosed with.
  • Mobility specifically geared for Parkinson’s.
  • Tricks for tiny dopamine dumps first thing in the morning.
  • How to help decrease risk for falls, improve your balance and coordination.
  • Learn how to fall safely.
  • EMPOWER YOURSELF and take charge of your Parkinson’s. Not let Parkinson’s Control your life everyday.
  • How to stay connected daily with those who are dealing with Parkinson’s even if you have a hard time with access to transportation. How to move fast even if you feel like you’re super slow.
  • How to improve low voice.
  • How to advocate for yourself during Dr’s appointments.
  • Nutrition tips and tricks to help gut health and lessen the progression of Parkinson’s. For some people this has even helped reverse their symptoms.
  • Improved communication techniques between you and your loved one.
  • How to prevent care giver burnout.
  • How to box and exercise at home, even if you don’t have boxing or exercise equipment.
  • Actionable daily steps to channel your anger and frustration, showing YOUR Parkinson’s You’re in Charge DAILY!
  • How to relax, and help minimize your tremors immediately, using a release and replace technique.

The most incredible thing about this training camp, IS THAT YOU WILL be Completely Surrounded by COUPLES AND FAMILIES WHO ARE JUST LIKE YOU!

The weekend training camp will NORMALLY COST $2000 per person. BUT because this is the very first training camp, YOU GET A MAJOR DISCOUNT $1000 BEFORE APRIL 3RD, 2023, AFTER APRIL 3RD, GOES UP TO $1200 +HST

Accommodations, 5 meals, and passion 4 Parkinson’s exercise training is ALL INCLUDED. Click and Sign Up Directly Here.


You also get ANIMAL THERAPY. You get to snuggle and and walk with the goats of the Button Adventures Goat Gang, who where featured on CBC Here and Now. You can view that interview here.

June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2023. COME ON OUT TO THE VERY FIRST All inclusive weekend “Passion 4 Parkinson’s Training Camp”.




I have never exercised before, how can I be sure this will help?
Even if you have never exercised before, starting is the most important part. Parkinson’s never takes a rest. Remember it is a progressive disease. The most important thing you can do, is take control of what you can control. One of the best things you can control is YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE. The side effects of exercising daily, is DOPAMINE.

Where is the Training Camp Located?
It is located at the beautiful Ochre Pit Cove Retreat Space. Click here to view the retreat space.

I am not sure if I can afford this training camp?
The Newfoundland Government offers exercise tax credits up to $2000. You can access more information by clicking here.

I am not able to attend this weekend training camp, will there be another date this year?
Unfortunately there are no dates scheduled after this weekend for 2023.

But I have been doing other exercise programs, and walk regularly. Will doing this training camp really help my Parkinson’s symptoms?
Yes. This program is designed to help your Parkinson’s symptoms from the inside out. Koren is from Newfoundland, and has been working with a personal trainer the last couple of years. She started being coached by me in August 2022. This is what she has to say about the methods that I have been coaching her with:

Will I have my own bedroom and bathroom?
Yes. Each double bed, has its own private shower and bathroom.

What days and times are check ins and check outs?
Check in, is Friday June 2nd, 3pm. Check out is Sunday June 4th, 2023.

I have more questions that are not answered here, can we speak directly?
Absolutely. Please call me at 647-460-1979 anytime after 330pm. Or email:

*Please note. That a Dr’s medical release form needs to be brought to participate in the program. That any financial links, are strictly just sharing information and that Coach Lita is not giving financial advice.


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