How I came to design a Pandemic Burnout Program.

We have all been struggling lately. I get it! I am a boxing and bootcamp coach, and I have been struggling. And that is with years of coaching, and training for 47 boxing fights, in my rear-view mirror.

I have been through a lot of life changes, but it seems extremely compounded the last 11 months. 1st. The pandemic of COVID. 2nd. Transitioning my business up and online, in order to best serve my clients during this unprecedented time. 3rd. Making the decision to move across the country. 4th. Packing, driving, and moving across country. 5th. settling my son into a new high school. 6th. Moving in with the love of my life, and adjusting to all the family changes that comes with that.

Life, therefore, has felt like one big roller coaster of stress management. Keep in mind, it is not all been bad stress; I love my business, my boyfriend and my family. Most humans, who only like change, are babies! However, finding a way to cope and balance things out, helps with change.

This years struggle, has been figuring out how to balance health again. You see, in addition to
being an athlete, nurse, coach and soul mother throughout the years, I have also struggled with mental health and depression. 2020 was one of the toughest! Fortunately having developed positive mental health skills over the last 18 years, I was able to just roll with the mental punches that occurred. I knew they’d pass. This is where JUST SHOWING UP comes into place.

When we look on social media, everyone seems to have this perfect way of fitness, yoga, and bodies. It’s not that these things are not to be appreciated. Beautiful bodies and beautiful
people need to be appreciated. Yet, that’s not the reality of our everyday lives and moments.
The reality is, we are all dealing with different crap. The expectations of our husbands/wives
weigh heavy on us. Our kids are crying in frustration over not being able to see their friends,
having to do their work online, and of being in each others space all the time. We are constantly bombard by the fears, and unknowns, of the, if, and, will, we do “anything” normal
again. Construction projects are happening. In our homes, and while we are working at home. Our boundaries of what used to be separated, and “organized” looking lives; are now
constantly blurred.

How the heck do we even fit in the time to look after our mental, and physical health? Hmm
good question. In the fitness world, there is this common myth and misconception, that more is better. Harder is what works. Go Hard or Go Home. You get the analogy. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a time and place for those things. However, that is more for ATHLETES. Specifically, for athletes under the age of 50

As an adult athlete with the experience of 45 amateur, and 2 professional boxing fights, 5 Tough Mudder events (one of those was overseas in Scotland), and other adventure races.

Then, as a youth, competing in National level competitive swimming for years. With a number of experiences in athletic competition, nursing and coaching. Shush, let’s not count those adding years of experience! Trust me when I say; there is a time and place to really push yourself!

The reality is, most people struggle with fitting in, or knowing what a sense of a healthy fitness looks like for them! None of us are perfect. Just showing up, is what counts. The year of 2020, there were so many days where I did not wanted to exercise. I would just feel emotionally and psychologically drained. Some days I didn’t exercise, I would choose more unhealthy options,but that’s for another blog. Then other days I just committed to 20mins of full body movement. I know without a shadow of a doubt, with even how little the movement may seem, movement is medicine. I have always believed this. Professionally, I now see this everyday. You see I run a boxing program for people with Parkinson’s, called Rock Steady Boxing Toronto East.



Movement has the power to help heal. Even with just as a little as 20 mins two times a week. It can do wonders to help us cope.

That’s why I have been inspired to do a 4 week “Just Show Up” Pandemic Burn Out Program, starting June 1st, 2021. This program will run Virtually on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday 7am -730 am 1130 am to 12pm EST, and IN PERSON at BlackHead, Wharf Road Loop Picnic Area 630 – 7pm AST until Thursday, June 24th, 2021. ONLY $69 CANADIAN!




I want to help those who have been struggling to figure out mental and physical health during this COVID pandemic.

Who is this class designed for:

-Those who work a lot, and find it difficult to fit in the usual 1 hour designed fitness class.
-If you’re angry at what COVID has taken from you, and need to get back into that feel good
-Busy Moms and Dads, who find it difficult to find the time to look after themselves.
-If you want to get a stronger core.
-If you have a hard time understanding what fitness routine works best to make you functionally stronger.
-If you need a supportive, non judgemental group who you can workout with, and feel supported in.
-If you’re 50 years or older, and are concerned about getting injured.
-You’re looking for a safe and stable program that builds on basic movement patterns.
-You want to be acknowledged and recognized for just showing up.
-You want to learn about your body and the adventures it CAN give you.

Who is this class NOT designed for:

-For people who sign up and don’t show up.
-If you’re under 50 years and you want flashy jump around moves.
-You don’t like celebrating little successes.
-If you are already in a program that does mobility and functional foundational rehabilitation
-If you’re looking for an immediate mental or physical fix to your problems and concerns.

Try the Just Show Up – Pandemic Burnout Program here. 4 Weeks for $69.
If after the 4 weeks you are not satisfied with the program, I will refund your $69.
Please note. This 4 week Just Show Up program is in not way designed to diagnose, treat or,
heal any mental or physical conditions. Please consult your Dr


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