Since 2020, It is no secret the world lives in an unprecedented, and extremely challenging time.  Here we are only 2 months away from 2022. Gulp. Deep breath.  Yup, feel free to ask where has the time gone?  As the world seems to be slowly figuring its way out of a shit storm of upheaval. In my little time drop of the world.  I have decided to do what I can, with what I have, in adding fun, excitement and smiles.  My intention is to help people remember there is still A LOT of light and joy in this world.  And yes, I do have to add, its a little bit for my own fun and craziness.  As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  My goats gone wild theme is that lemonade for me.

If you have read any of my other posts about my goats.  You will know they have been a focus of saving grace over this pandemic.  I wanted to step it up a notch, and share A LOT more of the fun with others.  Or however, maybe it’s me stepping into the title I am called by my family “the crazy goat lady”.

Halloween 2020, was the first Halloween, IN FOREVER, that I did very little for fun.  Essentially it was a basic dress up and a couple games for my online classes (if you have Parkinson’s or are a woman, click the links for class information).  Yet in my previous “normal” life.  Halloween is a whole day event.  The gym is decked out.  I am in full costume all during my work day.  Then, I help my son get ready, and go out in the evening with him.  Yet, like I said.  Last year was different.  This year, I was like SCREW LAST YEAR.  That sucked.  I am in no way or fashion, going to have the same kind of outcome this Halloween 2021!  This year, everyone is getting involved.  But ESPECIALLY my Goats 😉 WE ARE GOING TO DRESS UP.  Then my other half goes, your goats are sounding like they are going wild. I laughed out loud, and GO THAT’S it! That is Awesome, and Hilarious.  GOATS GONE WILD.  What better way to begin a FUN theme, than with Halloween.

Two weeks out from Halloween.  Within me, Desire and Determination reared its fun little head.  Under Button Adventures on Facebook, an invitation was set up: Goat Gone Wild.  Halloween Community Meet and Greet.

I went and bought 4 Costumes for Holly, Ivy, Beau Jigalow, and Champ.  I decided on my own costume.  Here’s a picture of the costumes.  STOP.  Before you read any further.  Can you guess which goat will wear what costume?  Make sure to put your guess in the comments below.

Ok you guessed right? AWESOME.  Keep reading for the reveal of the costumes.

Two weeks pass by super quickly.  Especially when running a business, and getting excited about this new theme of fun.  I told all my clients, community friends, and family about Goats Gone Wild.  Everyone got a little chuckle.  This made me smile, and fuelled my desire and determination even more.

Halloween weekend commenced.  LET’S DO THIS.  It’s always a little bit nerve wracking when you do something new, and different.  But nerves are just our body’s fun way of telling us, YOU ARE Excited!  As a coach, and a boxing athlete for a lot of years, I Fully recognize that you just gotta ride the waves of those nerves.  Breath through the obstacle thoughts that come.  These self limiting thoughts are just doubts that subconsciously want to stop you from being uncomfortable, and nervous.  It is human nature to want to be comfortable.  However, the REAL FUN of Life is in growing with experience.

I have to chuckle about this concept over this Goats Gone Wild Halloween meet and greet.  Because this is a small event compared to so many other things I have done while living, and growing business in Toronto.  However, nerves are nerves.  Big or small.  You still gotta mindfully acknowledge them, and let them go.  That’s what I did.  Instead letting my excitement, fuel my, and my other half’s energy, to set up for the Halloween event.

We set up a stack of: hay bales, scarecrows, stuffed bags of Frankensteins, and pumpkins.  This was the backdrop for photo taking of Goat Gone Wild.  Then I took a few hours to put my makeup and costume together.  Then deep breath.  Here goes the semi tricky part.  Getting the costumes on my Nigerian dwarf goats.  You can check out the full highlight reel of this Blog on Youtube.  Finally after some dancing around, and a few twist ties, PLUS A WHOLE LOT of Beau Jigalow, “stop rubbing up against me” comments.  Viola.  My Goats Have Gone Wild with their Halloween Costumes.    Next.  Photo shoot, before people start showing up.  This was somewhat successful.  But like everything else that day, it elicited laughs.

An hour later, some neighbours, and family in laws stopped in.  We took some pictures.  Had a little bit of a goat education session.

Played, pin the boo on the ghost.  My other half, the big kid that he is.  Kicked butt at that game.  Handed out a few treats.  If you’re wondering how the Goats Gone Wild Costumes ended up.  Well, horns, ears, angel halo, and pink tutu, all ended up being turned upside down.  Requiring constant readjustment by the crazy goat lady.

What was a success was seeing everyone smile, and laugh.

I hope you too Had a Very Happy 2021 Halloween this Year!

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