Imagine, breath taking views, and the sound of BLEAT. What the heck? What is this
four legged creature bleating and looking at me? Am I to give or do something for
them? This is a goat. Not the Greatest Of All Time goat. It is the four legged, four
stomached farm animal. A goat comes with A LOT curiosity, and the personality of a
toddler. If you’re not aware of the stage of development of a toddler. Well, they are…
wonderful, joyful, dramatic, and yes at times a bit terrible. Hence the term; terrible
twos. In my experience and observations of owning and really getting to know my
goats: Holly, Ivy, Champ, Penelope, Pippa, Carolyn; and having had a toddler in my
home. Goats are SIMILAR to a toddler. Which means, they are intelligent, and curious.
Therefore, when nurtured they are also, SO LOVING!

A large part of why I have been able to maintain my mental health during the pandemic,
is because of the nurturing, and love of my goats. Outside of my fitness clients,
classes, and my own fitness self care. I have had a balanced purpose to my every day
indoor life. Take care of my goats. You may be asking, what about that toddler you
mentioned earlier? Well, he’s not a toddler anymore. He’s 19. And for those of you
that know anything about teenagers. They love to beat to the tune of their own drum.
My son is respectful. Yet he’s strong willed on doing things the way he sees fit. Being
an entrepreneur, I see the benefit in this. Therefore I try not to force, but gently guide

But back to the BLEAT of it all. With all the bloody restrictions, and fear mongering the
government placed on society. Having my goats, gave me a non judgemental, safe,
and loving place to be. This was outside of what could feel like indoor insanity. Even
though home was fine. I had issues that came up from societies fear mongering.
These issues left me feeling abandoned during Christmas time (a time where we are
supposed to be with the ones we love the most) and dealing with intimate drama.
Drama, unexpectedly, I had to deal with, more than once. Alas, I am an adult, and all of
my life circumstances is ultimately my responsibility to deal and process. No
complaints, just the basic facts of how the events made me feel.

Yet, my bleating goats gave me refuge. They helped alleviate my anxiety, and sense of
sadness. They gave me unconditional love to be around. Without the fears humans
spread. Spreading fear has the opposite effect of helping your health. Having been in
a psychologically abusive relationship, done counselling, and worked in mental health.
Spreading fear daily, and telling you, you should be away from the people, and things
that matter most to you. Is all about dividing and control. When humans are divided
from the people, and supports that contribute to their mental and physical health. A
person becomes easier to manipulate, and thereby control mentally.

Yet so many HUMANS STILL HAVE NO IDEA how harmful fear mongering is to their
overall health! My goats gave myself and others a safe way to connect, and feel JOY.
In a time where everything seems to be SCREAMING Hate and Division. This gave me,
and others a hopeful light to end the darkness. In addition they offered unstructured

exercise that doesn’t feel like “work”. Yet time away from the pressures the world
pushes on us.

So lovingly; Holly, Ivy, Champ, Penelope, Pippa, Carolyn, and myself, invite you this
spring and summer. We WANT you to FEEL the same kind of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE
that goats can give! Visit us around the bay and feel for yourself that light and hope still
exists in this world.

Spring Schedule is Saturday April 22nd to June 21st.
(Every Saturday 1hr walks @ 10 am and 12pm)

Summer Schedule is June 22nd until September 16th.
(1hr walks every Tuesday @ 3-4pm and on Saturday’s @ 10 am and 12pm)

Our goal with you is that you leave feeling: connected, loved, rested, and rejuvenated. Come and forget the madness of this WORLD every Tuesday and Saturday

When: Saturday
What: 1 Hr Walk
Where: Mullys Cove Wharf Road, BroadCove A0A 1L0


How do I reserve my spot and date?
Please use the Mindbody system here to purchase your ticket. Make sure to book the date that you want. With the MASSIVE response we have gotten in just launching this. We can’t guarantee dates. The date you want, may not be available next week.

What is the cost?
$30 per person. 4 and under is free. Sign up for our email list and Follow us on Facebook and IG for contests and promotional discounts.

Do you offer group discounts?
For groups of 10 or more we offer a 15% discount. Please email us at for the code.

What about refunds?
Sorry no refunds. If something comes up last minute. We offer transferable tickets. Which means. Please just share the copy or email of your receipt with the person or persons you are transferring the ticket(s) too. They can share the receipt when they arrive for the walk, and we know that they are good to go.

I am having trouble purchasing tickets on the Mindbody site?
We know that this can be annoying. Please either email: or direct message us through Button Adventures Facebook . Please let us know your name and contact number, and we will call you back within 24-48 hours to assist you with the system.
For organization reasons, WE CANNOT ACCEPT CASH, or E-TRANSFERS to reserve your spot.

What happens if it is pouring rain?
Like most humans. Goats do not like heavy rain. Button Adventures goats will tolerate light rain, and snow. Come prepared! It’s Newfoundland after all. The can be sun one moment, fog the next, and then downpours. We can control rebooking. But not the change of weather moment to moment.

That being said, if the weather does change during the walk, we have space in Button
Adventures Building to host groups of 10.

If the morning of the walk it is storming weather (pouring rain). We will reschedule the
walk for the Sunday. Same time, and same location. Again.
Please follow along on
Facebook for timely updates.

Do you offer overnight stays?
The Button Adventures rental is available Monday to Saturday mornings. All dates and information can be found through AirBnB.

Where are you located?
We are located at the end of Mully’s Cove Road in Broad Cove, Newfoundland A0A 1L0. Approximately a 90 minute drive from the St. John’s capital.

We will meet at the Broad Cove wharf for 10am.



  1. What a great idea. Having walked the llamas at High Park I totally understand the joy in your goat walks. Not only a beautiful location but sounds like an outing at the park with grandkids. Laughing and enjoying. Just wish we were a little closer

    • Hi Kathy. Just figuring out all this website response stuff. Hope one day we all can be closer again. Also will plan in the future to drive to Ontario with the goats. But will need to stay in a more farm approved location than Toronto. Hahaha. Much love and hugs to you and Ron.


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