At Button Adventures, we know how much everyone’s mental health has been affected during this pandemic.  Reported suffering of anxiety and depression has doubled since the beginning of this pandemic.
Holly, Ivy, Champ, Penelope, Pippa, and Sweet Carolyn want to help you.  They have decided, along with the help of their Crazy Goat owner, Coach Lita.  To help motivate, and inspire you through these troubling times.
They are going to send you motivational, and inspirational goat notes, in  videos, and picture format to you every Monday to Friday.

You can get Goat Motivation Notes one of two ways:  For only a $2 fee (less than a coffee) They can be sent directly into your mailbox (sign up here) or you can subscribe to our Button Adventures Youtube Channel here, and get updates for free.

Goat Motivation notes will come with beautiful Newfoundland scenic backgrounds. Helping ground and calm you during your everyday life.

Our goal at Button Adventures is to help your mental health through these dark, and troubling times.  Providing hope and relief for a brighter future.

So, if you’re looking for more motivation, fun, and joy in your life.  Make sure to subscribe to Button Adventures Goat Motivation Notes.
We accept donations through PayPal.  These donations are going to go towards developing the local youth and elderly boxing program in the town of Carbonear.

Button Adventures mission statement: Striving for excellence to learn, and share the 5 F’s: Fitness, Farming, Family, Food, and Fun.

Our vision is to help 1 million people by 2025 to thrive in optimal health with  the balance of the 5 F’s.


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