Body By Lita

With 20 + years of coaching experience, a BScN in Nursing, a number of fitness certifications, 2017 Fab Female Fitness and Entrepreneur award, and 47 Boxing Fights, all the while supporting my son. I am passionate about helping you get the physical and mental health that you want.
I want to help you have safe, fun, effective, and empowering training techniques that leave you with more energy, feeling more confident, while kick-starting your metabolism, and being excited to put your health and fitness as a priority.
Here is what one of my grandmother clients has to say about Body by Lita training:
“I saw my massage therapist who I have been with for over 16 yrs. I let her know I was feeling happier and have a lot more energy doing the training. My massage therapist said whatever I am doing with Body by Lita programs is working, not because you told me, but because I can actually feel the difference in your muscles and how the training is making you younger.” Lois Hornsby “Ready to start Book Here
You may be thinking, I never could box or do high-intensity workouts. I completely understand. When I was younger and suffering from depression. I had a really hard time seeing myself as confident enough to do anything of the sort. Yet, it was through boxing and Bootcamp style training, I discovered the best version of myself and energy that I can constantly tap into with a fearless type mindset. Yet you don’t have to be competitive to get the same kind of benefits. You just have to start.


I began training in Lita's online live zoom boot camp last April, I was ten pounds heavier than I liked and not as strong as I wanted to be in my upper body. I worked out before but mainly swimming, walking and pilates without weights. Lita's workouts challenged me immensely, but they were fun and made me sweat. My energy levels increased, and my stomach looked more toned after a month, I was incorporating 10 to 16 lbs into the routines, my legs became much stronger, and loads I previously needed help carrying became doable on my own. I actually gained muscle weight, but the changes in my body shape were great, I felt and looked stronger. I just purchased 12lb weights, 24lb if used together and would not have gotten this far if it wasn't for Lita's routine, drive and consistent instruction.

Melissa Rose

Over the last several years I have worked with 5 different personal trainers. Finally, I feel I have found a trainer who considers that while I am a 55 year-old woman, I am still capable of being pushed physically. During our sessions, I can expect a challenging, varied and unique workout and I feel I am not being coddled or underestimated. Equally important, I feel safe and not at risk of being injured. Having been active in sport throughout my life I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or more toned than I do now. Our sessions have enabled me to continue to experience the active lifestyle I have enjoyed my entire life. As you know, I have endured some emotionally challenging times. I want to thank you for continuing to push me on my down days. It would have been easy to let me ramble on. I appreciate that you took some time to listen but then got down to the business of putting me through my workout. I especially appreciate how on the really tough days you adjusted because you understood I was unable to handle a physically demanding workout. I look forward to our continued sessions together. I feel confident about my health as I age knowing I am gaining strength, flexibility, stamina and balance through our workouts.

Susan E.

After major surgery, I lost 17 pounds of muscle mass. The incision ran the full length of my torso removing all core strength. I went to Lita Mae to rebuild me – starting as soon as I could walk. As a trained nurse, Lita Mae fundamentally understands the challenges of healing and as a training professional she knows the importance of challenging your limits. So a few months later, I’m back and stronger than before. The woman in the my mirror had aged ten years and I wasn’t going down without a fight – something Lita Mae would appreciate as a prize-winning amateur boxer. So no excuses and no giving up – Lita Mae would be too considerate to say it out loud but you knew that’s what she was thinking – so you finish the set. Exactly the kind of motivation I needed. Getting older is hard on your body, especially if you assault it with surgery. But you can rebuild and come out fighting if you have Lita Mae in your corner.

Janani Srikantha

Since starting to work with Lita, just in a short time, I have seen many changes and accomplished things I never thought I could. The environment she creates is safe and welcoming, and she manages to build a sense of community within her classes. She supports my strength training and conditioning by modifying exercises to meet the challenges that I have. And, I have definitely seen changes in my flexibility, stamina and strength, at both her bootcamp and boxing classes. She is knowledgeable on anatomy and how the body works, and helps increase my fitness level while staying injury-free. She makes hard work fun, while still focussing on the goal of pushing my own boundaries. She discovers my fears and hurdles, and encourages me to push past them while she stands by my side to guide me. I am healthier not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well since starting to work with Lita, and my confidence has sky rocketed. I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do and achieve with Lita's support and guidance.


I have been attending Lita Mae Button’s women’s classes for over a year now. I am proud to say that there has been a positive change in me. I can't describe it, but Lita Mae has not only made me physically stronger, but mentally as well. Having a history of depression, I have moments of highs and lows. But since I have been attending classes taught by Lita, I feel less of the lows and feel somewhat more stable. Don't get me wrong there are times when I feel down but I know how to handle it because I have great positive energy and support around me. Lita is an inspiration to me. She is not only a great coach, but also a friend and someone I know I could speak to in a time of need. I know we all have a history and have had challenges given to us in life but the way that she has handle herself and behaved, is what I find inspirational. No matter what happens in her life, she has always had a positive outlook on life and has never let anything defeat her, all the while raising her son Kiya. Who might I add is an amazing boy. Having experienced some dark times, I have learnt to appreciate the good and try not dwell on the bad. As I come to class weekly I always remind myself how thankful I am for the powers above (that's the spiritual side of me) for bringing Lita into my life. She has created an environment that is fun but also a place where as women we can feel safe. The classes are filled with tests for the body but also for the mind. We may look at something and think we can't do this but once we try it, we can start to realize we can do it. She has taught us... we are strong, incredible women, who can do anything!! Lita has helped me look at my life, with the confidence I needed to prosper in certain aspects of my life that I never thought I could so. Thank you Lita Mae.


What were your goals when you were getting started? My goals when I first started were to simply get moving. I had become quite sedentary, and I was very unhappy. When I started training with Lita, I was very out of shape. My goal was to be able to feel fit and healthy again and enjoy an active lifestyle. What changes have you seen? I went far past my original goals. Over a short period of time, I cut a lot of new muscle, I shed a lot of extra fat, shrunk from an extra large to a medium in dress size, and I became a strong, confident female boxer. What are you most proud of? My level of confidence has improved greatly. My love for healthy food also increased, and my new active lifestyle. I'm genuinely excited to go to the gym now and I feel much healthier and happier. What are/were your biggest challenges? Cardio. I got very winded most of the time. And I was carrying around extra weight that i had gained over the winter, so it made me feel very heavy and tired. What advice would you give to people just starting out? Stick with it. Slow and steady!! Drink lots of water, and fuel your body right. Listen to the instructions, and don't get down on yourself if you feel like you can't do something right away... Perseverance is key, don't give up!

Devon Screaton

My name is Devon, I am 44 years old and am a hairstylist and teacher. I began training with Lita Mae approximately a year ago, I began with her boot camp classes with a goal of getting back into shape, building my confidence up and of course have some fun while at it! Her approach to training and motivation is amazing! I felt welcomed and completely comfortable from day one! She is very accommodating and supportive. Not long after beginning my training, I agreed to start her 12 week boxing camp, it was the best decision I made! The training was intense and extremely rewarding! I saw results quickly as well as building stamina, and major confidence in myself! The group of ladies were incredible and have become very close friends! I have continued with the boot camp training, and have seen many changes in my body as well as my day to day life! I would recommend Lita Mae and her variety of classes to any one looking to empower themselves, challenge themselves, build strength physically and mentally, and have a blast doing it!

Daniel P

I met Lita through a mutual contact. My goal was to join a program and lose weight. Simple. I quickly found out that this program offered so much more. I have learned invaluable skills, I am now more confident in myself, it has forced me to be better disciplined. As I have continued this journey Lita and her team (Fiona), have been very encouraging and supportive. I am overly pleased and satisfied with what I have accomplished and learned since I met Lita. It is a program that I would recommend to anyone, who is seeking an inclusive environment while working on their fitness/wellness goals.