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HiMy name is Lita Mae Button. I grew up on a farm, with loving parents. My Dad was a firefighter and remains a lifelong hunter, fisher and trapper. He married my Mom, who is an immigrant and nurse from the Philippines. Yet her longest and life long career has been in kitchen. At 12 years old, I started competing in swimming at a National level, which lasted for 5 years. At age 18, I began North American Kickboxing, which lasted 3 years, with 4 competitive fights. This allowed me to experience a few fights and get a taste of what its like to compete in a combative sport. At 23 years old, I became a sole support mother to my son Kiya. When I was 24 yrs old, my son was diagnosed with severe Hemophilia B, a life long blood disorder. At 25, I sought out an outlet to help me effectively deal with the emotional issues of being a single parent and raising a child with a blood disorder. It was then that I began training in Olympic Style Boxing. Within 13 years, I competed in 45 Amateur Fights and have a Professional Boxing record of 1-1. During the years of boxing training and competition, I got nicked named, “Badass Button” along with the nickname I also earned a degree of BScN in Nursing, obtaining my licence as a Registered Nurse. I gained four years of experience as a Geriatric Nurse in mental health and long term care. In that time frame I also completed a number of certifications in fitness and hands on experience with different personal training clients and groups. In June 2017 I was voted women’s best fitness and wellness coach by Fab Female.

Best fitness and wellness coach

If one thing that life has taught me the last 20 years is that, life is an adventure. The adventure is in the journey, and journey’s are best shared. My hope is that you come and share with us.

The groups that I love most to coach are women and people over 55 years old. Especially people with Parkinson’s (PD). They hold a special place in my heart. People with PD seem to have a uniqueness with how they see and approach life. A humour and light heartedness about living, that in my opinion a lot more people need to take note of. It is a blessing to coach Rock Steady Boxing East Toronto clients the last four and a half years, because the crazier I have become as a coach, the more engaged they become. All of this has contributed to my twenty plus years experience in coaching and training people. For 10 of those 20 years I have been in Toronto, Ontario Canada’s capital. I fell in love with the city life; the vibrant, diverse people, and the opportunities that the city provides. However as the saying goes “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl” Enter the COVID 19 virus and making the healthier choice with my family to relocate back to the country. My whole work got switched to online coaching and my heart calls longing for more simplicity and deeper connection. With the unpredictable chaos going on we have made the choice to move to the most eastern province of Newfoundland to live full time, and build on simpler dreams.

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