It has been over two years now since I have moved to eastern Newfoundland. Many adventures, goats, family events, and a purchase of my first home have occurred. This is now officially MY HOME Province.

Aw home. A word that can bring comfort, nostalgia, and relaxation. I’m not going to lie. Personally it has been quite an adjustment for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT. Before the COVID hit, it had just been a 12 solid years of busy Toronto. I lived with all kinds of roommates. It was easy to access different types of gyms, venues, and events. It took a bit to let the distressing energy Newfoundland has, to wrap around my soul. Thank goodness for my goats. Those cute little buggers have helped my mental health so much. But dear reader. It has happened. I have let Newfoundlands healing, calming, grounding energy, wrap around my heart and soul. That is why, I am sharing with you about the richness of Newfoundland, that is hard to comprehend just from pictures and advertisements.

My hope is that after reading my come from away perspective. You will immediately put this beautiful island on YOUR TRAVEL or to come STAY LIST. DO IT WAY SOONER THAN LATER!

HERE are the TOP 7 Reasons Why

  1. Everywhere you go in Newfoundland, it is as if you are always looking at a painting. If you’re a visual person, like myself. Oh let me tell you. Everywhere you go on this Island, your eyes feast upon the richness of landscapes. I have chosen 5 Pictures taken that are all within a 1to 40 minutes away from my house. The first one is just one view point that I take my amazing goat walkers on during a lot of Saturday mornings. The second one is the actual view from the front of my house. Yup, you got it folks. I bought a house with a painting as my daily view. Ah. I am so in love each morning, noon, evening, and all the breaks in between. The third picture is from a short hike that’s 10mins away from where I live. In a place called Perry’s Cove, this view is the view of a rock that looks like the breed of a dog, called the Newfoundlander. The fourth picture is just outside of a fishing community called Old Perlican. Ah. Can you smell the salt air? Then the 5th picture is a view from Brigus. Taken from the lighthouse hiking trail. If you’re not familiar of Brigus. It is the home base for the successful building show on HGTV, called Rock Solid Builds.
  2. Newfoundlanders tell you, they love you. Ha, you maybe chuckling to yourself, BUT I AM NOT KIDDING. It is a term of endearment with the islanders. A number of first time visitors have told me. That when they go through the Tim Hortons, they are surprise that the server to them, they love them. WHAT?! Each time I hear this I chuckle. Most of my summers growing up where spent in Newfoundland. This expression of love, was never something of a surprise for me. It sounds as natural to me as when my son tells me he loves me. Let me briefly correct the writing to reflect the Newfoundland accent. It’s M’y Luv. Go to a store, restaurant, anywhere customer service is the forefront and you will be greeted with the term m’y love. What can I get you today m’y love? Did you enjoy your meal m’y love? And so on. Doesn’t that just make your heart glow!
  3. Experience history like in Europe. Every corner, hike, and turn there seems to be some sort of history lesson. From the Lans Aux Meadowns; the oldest Viking Settlement found in North America. To the extinct race of Natives; the Beothuk. Native history that is unique to Newfoundland and Labrador. Plus all the fishing villages, and towns like Trinity, that are preserved to help tourists and residents remember another way and time of life.
  4. It’s a nature lovers and hikers paradise. From the famous Gros Morne and Terra Nova park, to the East Coast Trail, and a LOT of other Hikes in between. I walk outside my door and there is the Newfoundland ATV trail way that goes from the most east to north tip of Newfoundland. I will be hiking across with my Goat Come June 2023 to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s.
  5. You never feel stressed. It’s a vacation that could easily turn into a forever spot. I have extended cousins that I recently met, who came to do a goat walk with Button Adventures. They own a neat place tourist vacation and restaurant spot in Grates Cove. They have lived all over, from South Korea to LouiseAnna. We both agreed, from our worldly perspectives, no matter how busy we are with working on growing business, living in Newfoundland IS NEVER stressful.
  6. Islanders are known as the happiest most hospitable people. Did you see the Broadway play Come From Away? I watched the play with myfamily in the fall of 2019. When the play ended it was an immediate standing ovation from the crowd. The play is about the stories of people who where stranded at the Gander airport during 9/11. It was people from all over the world who where going through a very unexpected, unsure and extremely stressful time in their life. The play tells the stories of different people perspective on how the community of Gander came together within a day to help over 50, 000 people. The play shows how they made those 50, 000 people feel at home and looked after despite not being sure of when they could return home. This to me just summed up the love and hospitality that is the culture of the people of Newfoundland. No matter where you go, Newfoundlanders welcome you and help you with no other agenda but to genuinely care about their fellow human, and neighbour. Newfoundlanders love to talk, and spend time with anyone. It’s a way of life. No one is rushing from one moment to the next.
  7. The Communities have the most unique names. For those you that watch the late night show, Jimmy Kimmel. I am sure you have heard of the now very famous town of Dildo (only a 60min drive from Button Adventures Headquarters) which is surrounded by the communities, Hearts Delight, Hearts Desire, and Hearts Content. But that is only a few names in A LIST of A LOT of Unique names. There’s Come by Chance, SunnySide, Blow Me Down, Witless Bay, Bay Bulls, Ferry Land, Chance Cove, Conception Bay South, Conception Bay North. Essentially a lot of the names of the towns, are fun to read and explore. Not to mention the fun sexual undertones. Hahaha

Bonus Reason. Complete transparency, this is a bit of agism reason. If you’re 50 years and above. You will be surround by others of your age group. With 30% of the population of Newfoundland being of semi retirement to retirement age. If you are someone who is older and is looking for a unique and adventurous vacation spot, while being around a lot of people who are close to your age. Then Newfoundland is that spot for you. Especially if you’re living with Parkinson’s. This is where Button Adventures is launching Passion 4 Parkinson’s farming and fitness training retreats. Launching first weekend of December 2022, Button Adventures is hosting its first fitness and farming retreat to HELP people with Parkinson’s and their family take control of their health and diagnosis. You can read more here. The goal is to help fill in a major gap of care in the healthcare system, to help give family hope, education, and empowerment on coaching them from the inside out. Until a cure is found, Passion 4 Parkinson’s training camps are about learning how to deal with Parkinson’s to maintain a quality of life.

Know people who need help with Parkinson’s please make sure to share and connect us.

What to do now? Enjoyed this blog. AMAZING. We are so GLAD. Please share with others either via email, or social media.

Thank you for taking some time out of your beautiful day to read and share.



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