I AM LOOKING for 12 WOMEN Who Want to Optimize Their Highest Level of Currency in Their Lives!

If you are over 45 and have been struggling to shed pounds, feel good, happier, and have more energy.  Discover the Motivation, Inspiration, and Understanding of How to Burn and Keep Fat OFF without going to the male-dominated Gym.

At the 2 Day Fat Burning Intensive Retreat you will learn about how unhealthy fats, time wasters, energy suckers, diet misinformation, and why the pandemic has contributed to putting on weight. Most importantly HOW do these things impact the short and long term of your healthy living.

If you’re sick and tired of: NOT having, energy, time, resources, and doing Diets THAT JUST DO NOT WORK.  This 2 Day Fat Burning Retreat will help increase ENERGY and TIME for your HEALTH.  Without wasting time, and gas money by having to keep going to the gym.  

My name is Lita Mae Button and I am passionate about Health for women. While living in Toronto, in 2017, I was voted best Women’s Fitness and Wellness Coach.   Out of 150 nominees, The Fab Female Entrepreneur chose to award me.

During COVID, 2020 I moved to Newfoundland, along with my 18 + years of passion and experience coaching people. However, I was not always a passionate coach.

I once was a pregnant woman, weighing over 200lbs.  I lacked the skills, confidence, and know-how, to better my health and knock off the baby weight.

Then life kicked me, and my young son in the ass.  I was 23, and a sole support mother. With a lack of resources, and just trying to figure my shit out.  I wanted to do the best, I could, for this little guy.  Then life’s obstacles did it again.  At the age of one, my son, was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, called Hemophilia.  All of a sudden I went from a single parent just trying to keep it together, to a single parent, making sure that I had the right tools, to keep her son alive.  Hemophilia is a rare blood disorder that currently has no cure.  Hemophiliacs do not have the ability to stop bleeding when they start bleeding.  Bleeds can happen easily, both internally and externally.  There are treatments that have come a long way. Yet, raising a nonstop active boy meant constant hyper-vigilance in fending off, and monitoring, regular daily threats to his health and longevity.

The double effect of what I was dealing with, absolutely got to me.  I did not know how to cope.  This means I began coping at night, after daytime Mom duties were done, with a bottle.  Not a bottle of milk either.  My three friends; Vodka, Gin, and Jamieson, gave me a friendship that was truly shallow and unfulfilling.   In fact, when I was out with my two-legged human friends one night. Unknowingly, Vodka, Gin, and Jamieson coaxed me into an altercation, with three other women.  This altercation led to the women; bleeding, and pleading, for it to stop.  My one two-legged friend, grabbed me to stop the violence that I was impacting on the women.  I was not aware, I had so much anger and frustration at what life had thrown at me.  My three shallow, bottle friends, were doing a great job at numbing, what was really going on.   My actions scared the Bee Jesus out of me.  What The FUCK was I doing?????  The night of my violent actions was a busy summer night out. Police easily could have seen what I had done.  How could I jeopardize my life like that?!  I could have ended up charged, and in jail.  Charges easily would have been drawn up. Before the chapter of being a single mother happened, I had a few years of experience fighting in amateur kicking boxing.  In the court of law, my fists, elbows, and knees, would have been seen as weapons.  Then what would have happened to my son?!!!

Reflecting on what I had done.  I quickly gave myself and my three shallow friends, a swift kick in the ass.  I walked into the local gym.  A boxing coach, named Scott Eccles, found and recruited me to box and fight.  Then a few months later, bam, I am in a boxing ring.  I was fighting, and working out my demons, while dropping body fat.

Yup, demons, fat, and fighting, all go hand in hand.  You see. Even though I was facing life’s shit, it took me a while to really understand how to slay the demons in my head, and body.  BUT I FUCKING DID IT! In 9 years I went from an amateur boxer with just 1 fight, to an amateur with 45 fights, a Golden Gloves title, and began fighting professionally.  The buy product was shedding 40 lbs of unhealthy fat, to weigh in at 140lbs of a lean mean, kick-ass fighting machine.  At the same time I was accomplishing these things in the ring, I earned a BsCN in nursing, a number of Fitness Certifications, and started my own fitness business.  My son, well, I supported him through an 8-year, Sick Children’s Hospital drug study.  Now he is able to live a life like any other regular boy.

Yet, you do not need 9 years of education, certification, and experience to get the same results.  You just need the right coach to help you!

Over the Two Day Fat Burning Retreat I am condensing my years of personal and professional experience to help you:

  • Improve eating habits for ongoing fat loss.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Lift your emotional well-being.
  • Help your mental health.
  • Gain long-term motivation.
  • Understand the difference between being strong and fit, and why this matters.
  • Ditch diets, and feelings of shame.
  • Use every part of your body to burn more fat.
  • Map out your ongoing daily and weekly goals.
  • Get clear and concise on why.
  • Understand why, your why, is important to your success.
  • Fuel inspiration.
  • Understand, why you are your own hero.
  • Prevent Injuries.
  • Help improve existing injuries.
  • Teach workouts that are condensed to burn more fat and save time.
  • Understand the psychology of what you surround yourself with and its impact on your fat-burning health.
  • Teach you Empowering fitness skills.
  • Meet, Connect and Develop Friendships with Like-Minded Women.
  • Learn how to think like an Olympic and professional athlete.
  • Have more energy to give back to your family and friends.

In 2018, and 2019 I helped groups of women slay their own demons.  By coaching them to step into the boxing ring for the very first time.  These women gained phenomenal confidence, strength, and fat burning, to change their lives.

Here is what one of them had to say about being coached with me for the 12-week training camp “My goals when I first started were to simply get moving. I had become quite sedentary, and I was very unhappy. When I started training with Lita, I was very out of shape. My goal was to be able to feel fit and healthy again and enjoy an active lifestyle. The changes I saw, went far past my original goals. Over a short period of time, I cut a lot of new muscle, shed a lot of extra fat, shrunk from an extra-large to a medium in dress size, and became a strong, confident female boxer. I am most proud of my level of confidence, which has improved greatly. My love for healthy food also increased, and my new active lifestyle. I’m genuinely excited to go to the gym now and I feel much healthier and happier. The biggest challenge that I got over, was my cardio. I got very winded most of the time.   I was carrying around extra weight that I had gained over the winter, so it made me feel very heavy and tired. The advice I would give people who are just starting out is to stick with it. Slow and steady!! Drink lots of water, and fuel your body right. Listen to the instructions, and don’t get down on yourself if you feel like you can’t do something right away… Perseverance is key, don’t give up!” Cole Smith Bartel

However, you don’t have to step into the ring and fight to get the same results.  You just need to show up and focus.

If you are thinking, I can get a membership and trainer down the road.  I guarantee you, you won’t find another trainer, let alone a coach, who can get you the results, and with the same kind of coaching experience with women, that I haveEspecially if you are a woman over 45 living in Newfoundland.  

“Over the last several years I have worked with 5 different personal trainers. Finally, I feel I have found a trainer who considers that while I am a 55-year-old woman, I am still capable of being pushed physically. During our sessions, I can expect a challenging, varied, and unique workout and I feel I am not being coddled or underestimated. Equally important, I feel safe and not at risk of being injured. Having been active in sport throughout my life I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or more toned than I do now. Our sessions have enabled me to continue to experience the active lifestyle I have enjoyed my entire life. As you know, I have endured some emotionally challenging times. I want to thank you for continuing to push me on my down days. It would have been easy to let me ramble on. I appreciate that you took some time to listen but then got down to the business of putting me through my workout. I especially appreciate how on the really tough days you adjusted because you understood I was unable to handle a physically demanding workout. I look forward to our continued sessions together. I feel confident about my health as I age knowing I am gaining strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance through our workouts.”  – Melissa Rose.

During the 2 Day Fat Burning Retreat, you get my 18 years of schooling, experience, certifications, and results.  That’s $500, 000 worth of time, knowledge, experience, and application For only $1100!

However, act FAST…


Normally, my personal training packages cost $2000.  You get to have me for 2 full days, at the cost of ONLY $1100.  WHICH also includes your ACCOMMODATIONS and FOOD.


Hurry and Join US from October 29th to October 31st before the limited spots are GONE!


The first 3 people who sign up, will receive a $125 bonus.

You will begin, working 1-1 with me before the retreat.  We will go over a deep dive into a health assessment.  That way you get a jump start on fat-burning before October 29th.


What happens if I have a previous injury?
That is okay.  I have worked with and continue to work with clients who have injuries or are just recovering from injury.  You just need a physician release form signed.

Is this a contact boxing program?
No.  No contact to your head, or body.  We will be doing fun, partner drills. This is to help you learn forms of body awareness.  However, because I believe in respect of space and boundaries if you feel unsafe with any exercise.  You will never be pressured into performing the activity.

Will transportation be provided?
No.  You will be responsible for transportation to and from the retreat space.

I want to come but I am not able to pay $1100 right now?
There is the option of a payment plan for two payments of $650.  2nd Payment is due the week of the retreat. You can select Payment Plan Here.

Where is this Retreat Located?
The retreat is located in a beautifully renovated church out of Ochre Pit Cove, Conception Bay.  Just under a two-hour drive from St. John’s.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the amount of time, effort, and resources to put this retreat together, a nonrefundable policy is in place.  If unable to attend your spot can be transferred to a friend.

Besides the Fat Burning Coaching, what else is included in the retreat?
4 meals, and snacks, and two nights accommodation.  In addition to surprise four-legged visitors.

What about COVID?
If government regulations regarding gatherings of people in the Avalon Peninsula, change before October 29th.  The Retreat will be hosted virtually.  Your ongoing success in putting your health first is my number 1 priority.


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